Wang Poh Peng

Sep 30, 2016

3 min read

Must-Have Mac Apps

Last updated Jan 2020

Starting from the simplest:


This tool allows you to save whatever you have copied into a global clipboard and is terribly useful when you need to copy paste chunks of variable names and code snippets at the same time.


Without this tool, I can say that OSX will never catch up to Windows’ window snapping interface. It allows any form of donation to get a license, pretty worth the money if you ask me.


Move and resize windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas.
Easy to use keyboard shortcuts to simplify daily routine.


This supercharges your Macbook and removes the need for a mouse (just kidding). By setting a shortcut, for me I use Ctrl + Space, I get a search bar appearing in the middle of the screen equipped with superpowers. I used it mainly to search for files, basic arithmetic operations, open applications or even shutting down the computer.


The perfect keyboard remapping application everyone needs when using a mechanical keyboard (I use a Filco MajestTouch Cherry MX Blue)

Little Snitch (Optional)

This application helps to block and allow incoming and outgoing network traffic. This is only useful in certain scenarios…

F.lux (Optional)

It used to be the only app that allows you to rest your eyes better at night while using the computer, however, Apple stole the idea and sort of implemented it within the macOS Sierra system.

Developer Tools


MacOS’s default terminal is seriously lacking in terms of features such as tabbed input and windows splitting. iTerm2 provides more features so that you don’t need the screen command as often!


This tool is recommended to me by my supervisor and it is incredibly useful when resolving git merge conflicts. It allows a GUI for handle the merge conflicts and allow you select the conflict line by line to resolve them peacefully.

This tool allows active editing of html/css and allow real time visuals to be loaded onto the browsers automatically on code change.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + Command + Shift + 4 = Copy Image to Clipboard
Command + Shift + 4 = Draw Bounds to save drawn bound to Screenshots folder

Memory Management


This app costs 10 USD on the Mac App Store and visualizes all the data storage any of your hard disk, SSD or thumb drive has in a most presentable way. Excellent tool to pay for, saved my life a few times when poor students like us cannot afford that upgrade in the hard disk space that Apple crazily marks up

Chat Management


This application is a Electron wrapped application that allows you to combine all the chat services you have into a single window, allowing maximum tabs saving in the browser. Its latest version even allows one to pin Trello boards and embed Tweetdeck onto it. Super useful!

Warning: This application consumes a lot of memory due to its Electron nature.

Keys Management


A mobile and laptop synced 2FA service that provides back up keys in case your phone is dead. Definitely better than the Google Authenticator app.


Please refer to this post for more details.

Mail Management

Mail Butler (No longer recommended due to spam)

This is quite a special application. It is actually very useful for marketing emails and building good email practices like disabling web content and 10 seconds timer to prevent sending of emails accidentally. It lives as an add-on to the existing default Email Client the Mail app and even allows tracking of the email that you sent and whether it has been opened or not.